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The delicious taste of samosas in a bowl

Allow me to introduce to you one of my new favorite dishes. I’ve made this three times already and while working on this post right now, I’m shocked I didn’t make it a forth time (thank you, fasting)! When I lived in London, I did a summer internship with PETA Europe. They covered my lunch […]

A little film on how to cook quinoa

When I posted my Quinoa + carrots + chickpeas dinner recipe I got a lot of “what’s quinoa?” questions. Some of them accompanied with a scrunched up nose… you know what I mean. But there’s absolutely no reason to scrunch that nose! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a grain from South America which, when eaten alone, […]

Quinoa + carrots + chickpeas dinner

I’ve loved food recipes with photos and more than just words ever since I saw images of IKEA’s cookbook. I’ve seen a ton innovative recipes all over the internet and I thought it was about time I tried out my own version. What do you think? Check out my recipe in detail…