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My first few impressions of bordering town Thayngen

Thayngen (pronounced: Tie-in-gen) is in the Schaffhausen canton here in Switzerland (the same canton where I live) and sits right on the border to Germany. Although these photos aren’t very new, I’ve been to Thayngen a number of times, mostly to go to my current veterinarian. I almost lived here and I wonder if maybe […]

Those who do not travel read only a page

Within the past few weeks, I’ve really been itching to travel, more so than usual. Perhaps it’s because my parents love to travel or because I was on my first plane before I was even a year old, but I absolutely love to travel and have envied show hosts whose job is to travel the […]

A visit to the farmers’ market

Every Saturday and Tuesday during the warmer months, Schaffhausen, Switzerland has a farmers’ market. I’d never had a market available so close to where I live so I was thrilled to find out and start buying and eating these fresh fruits and vegetables. I love being able to pick and choose exactly what apples I’d […]

A stroll around the Rheinfall

I’ve been to the Rheinfall about five times now. It’s the largest natural waterfall in all of Europe and I live just 20 minutes away from it! When I first arrived in Switzerland, I took a train that went right over the bridge and was able to see the beautiful Rheinfall. Quite a first impression! […]

Starry night lights

Switzerland’s Christmas lights are some of the most simple and beautiful lights I’ve seen. They are vertical wires with lights that dangle from cables strung from building to building. It creates a starry night effect. In some parts of town, while walking directly under them, it feels as though you are in an indoor small […]