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My first few impressions of bordering town Thayngen

Thayngen (pronounced: Tie-in-gen) is in the Schaffhausen canton here in Switzerland (the same canton where I live) and sits right on the border to Germany. Although these photos aren’t very new, I’ve been to Thayngen a number of times, mostly to go to my current veterinarian. I almost lived here and I wonder if maybe […]

Those who do not travel read only a page

Within the past few weeks, I’ve really been itching to travel, more so than usual. Perhaps it’s because my parents love to travel or because I was on my first plane before I was even a year old, but I absolutely love to travel and have envied show hosts whose job is to travel the […]

A visit to the farmers’ market

Every Saturday and Tuesday during the warmer months, Schaffhausen, Switzerland has a farmers’ market. I’d never had a market available so close to where I live so I was thrilled to find out and start buying and eating these fresh fruits and vegetables. I love being able to pick and choose exactly what apples I’d […]