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Good news to brighten your day & give you hope

Oh, how I love sharing good news with all of you, especially when there’s so much of it that I need to share it all in one post. The days are getting away from me, but I couldn’t wait to share this information, especially since I’ve mentioned many of these issues and topics before, so […]

The truth about sharks

I feel that all of the issues I write about for One Green Planet are extremely important, but I didn’t quite notice just how important this one was until I wrote my article The Silent Decline of Sharks and How You Can Help Turn it Around. Sharks are imperative to our lives and they’re not […]

A victory for sharks is a victory for the world

This news made me so happy when I read it yesterday on BBC News. The Bahamas have not only banned shark finning, but any kind of shark fishing plus they’ve made the fines bigger for those who are caught shark fishing! I recently wrote an article for One Green Planet which I’ll hopefully be able […]

Global people’s petition for sharks

Sharks are finally getting the acknowledgement they need. Ever since the Jaws movies, sharks have had it rough (trust me, I know… I’ve watched enough Shark Weeks to know!). One year that my family went to Florida, my dad and one of my brothers got t-shirts with an image of a great white shark and […]

Movies making a difference

I watched a few movie trailers today over at Apple’s iTunes movie trailers page and I thought it’d be nice to round up all of the movies that I’d like to watch this year about making a difference and changing the world for the better. The first two are the ones I watched earlier today and […]