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Reindeer cruelty petition leads to better animal protection laws

This morning, I got some really fantastic news in my email. If you’ve been here from the beginning, then you saw my Not the way I pictured reindeer at Christmas time post where I presented petitions that could be signed and I explained that ‘reindeer in Sweden and Finland are taken from the wild and […]

A closer look at the One Tonne Life

I first wrote about the One Tonne Life project on January 20th and at that time I couldn’t find very much information about it. Since then the One Tonne Life website has added so much information; you can find out whatever you want about the family, the project, the idea, etc. They even have short […]

Swedish family to attempt a One Tonne Life

This morning while watching BBC news, a short clip was shown of a Swedish family who was moving into an eco-home for a six month long experiment. The daughter had entered her family into a contest and won. The Lindell family will live in this home supplied with an electric car and try to eliminate […]