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Sign to keep grizzly bears in Yellowstone safe

I was so pleased to see that the majority of you that voted in the poll said that you take action on these types of posts! I was thinking that only those who comment and maybe a handful of others signed, but seeing the results of the poll leaning mostly one way made me realize […]

Good news all around: Portland, Peru, & Puma

Lately, there’s been so much good news, I had to write up one single post to fit it all! There was even more than this, but I decided to cut it down and just feature these three great bits of news. 1. Portland Oregon is the Latest City to Ban Plastic Bags: This ban that […]

Wolves belong on the Endangered Species List

I don’t think I’ve heard of any animal being involved in as much flip-flopping business as wolves. One minute they’re being brought back to help balance nature, then in another place there’s a high price for each wolf killed, they’re listed as endangered, and then they’re not. Because of recent budget cuts in the US, […]