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Massive victory for whales & the world!

When you share petition after petition after petition for years, you hope to one day hear the wonderful news that the change you’ve been waiting and wishing for has finally arrived. Well, today was that marvelous day! I woke up to this lovely news on my Facebook newsfeed this morning and have seen it everywhere […]

Every dead whale is one too many

How about this for an advertisement and raising awareness? Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, international non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization, teamed up with agency Lowe GGK to create this memorial for the 172 whales that have been killed thus far this year (from January to March 2011) due to whaling. They’ve placed 172 unique posters, each […]

Japan has suspended whale hunt… for now

I think I need to watch more news in the morning. There have been a bunch of animal stories lately. Whether the news is good or bad, it’s great to see that others care. Today I found out that Japan has put a halt to their whaling for the time being due to the “danger” […]