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Take part & turn off your lights for Earth Hour!

One of my very favorite events is tomorrow: Earth Hour! It’s only been around for three years, but I look forward to it every year. One of my proudest moments (no kidding!) was when a former classmate of mine told me that they participated in Earth Hour and it made them think of me. Little […]

Pledge not to buy tiger parts and products

I’m surprised that this isn’t one of the most talked about issues in the world. Our beloved tigers may become extinct within a few years if we don’t help them. World Wildlife Fund has had an ongoing campaign to prevent the extinction of tigers for many years now. Actor and environmental conservationist Leonardo DiCaprio feels […]

E-cards are e-co friendly, especially these!

In case you want to make someone feel extra special today and let them know you love them, but are in need of a little last minute joy, what better way than through an e-card? I’m a huge lover of letters/cards in the post, but sometimes you just can’t get to it in time or […]