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How I spent my birthday… in magical Bodensee

This is where I spent a good chunk of my birthday. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when my brother Robert told me Bodensee (Lake Constance/Konstanz) would be a nice spot to go for my birthday, but when I came upon the sight above, I was more than pleased. After a small picnic by […]

July 27th is my favorite day of the year

It’s my birthday today! I was going to post a picture of my birthday cake, but for some reason… while my cakes taste delicious, they never really look all that beautiful. Ha! I’d gladly send each one of you a piece of cake, but I can only send my love and I’m sending loads. I […]

I won a giveaway! Mail + books: what’s not to love?

Can you tell how happy I am to have won these books? Rachel of Eat and Write had a whole week of giveaways and offered not one, but two books (shown above), on one of her days. The two books are The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen and The Oxford Book of Health Foods: The […]

A vineyard walk

A few weekends ago I went to Blauburgunderland (have fun pronouncing it!) here in my canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland. I’ve seen many vineyards here in Switzerland, but not like this. I usually try to make my photos look as much as the real thing as possible, but here I felt this light tint was quite fitting […]

I finally have an ‘about me’ page

I finally made an ‘about me‘ page! I had been waiting for the weather to warm up to get a recent and decent picture of myself. As you can see, I had a bunch of fun taking these photos. So for anyone who is interested, just click the image above and read all about me. […]

Snow days were always some of my very favorite

I’ve been hearing from so many how they’ve had enough of snow and winter, but I absolutely love it and haven’t had enough! I wanted to share these photos with you to remind you of the beauty of snow and winter. So many of my friends keep telling me about all the snow they’re getting […]

Goodbye fulfilling January & hello February full of hope

January was a fantastic month mostly thanks to all of you! This year has started off great! I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I read my first book and realized there were people who did the writing. I wrote quite a few masterpieces in my elementary school days. Okay, I’m kidding, but I’m […]

Life is wonderful [thanks to a little cat with a big heart]

Meet Sapcio: the apple of my eye, the key to my heart, one of the most important living beings in all of the world to me… my Baby. This post will show you a part of me that only those closest to me have seen and know. My family rescued Sapcio (it’s a Polish name […]