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People of the trees

A few weeks ago I told you about a BBC program I was looking forward to watching called Human Planet. I recorded it at the time and finally got around to watching it. It was full of information, but very different from what I expected. It started out with a group of men preparing for […]

Swedish family to attempt a One Tonne Life

This morning while watching BBC news, a short clip was shown of a Swedish family who was moving into an eco-home for a six month long experiment. The daughter had entered her family into a contest and won. The Lindell family will live in this home supplied with an electric car and try to eliminate […]

The original Garden of Eden

For the past few years, whenever I thought of Iraq I could only think about war. Last night, however, I watched a one hour BBC program called Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq that changed the way I view Iraq probably for the rest of my life. Southern Iraq was once lush with thousands of […]