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Good news to brighten your day & give you hope

Oh, how I love sharing good news with all of you, especially when there’s so much of it that I need to share it all in one post. The days are getting away from me, but I couldn’t wait to share this information, especially since I’ve mentioned many of these issues and topics before, so […]

Helium Hearts, we’re falling skyward

This song lifted me right up into a great mood this morning and I thought it was the perfect song and video to leave you with for the weekend. Jason Reeves is originally from Iowa and is now in California. I first heard of Jason thanks to Colbie Caillat as he co-wrote many of her […]

Growing is forever

I’ve watched Growing is Forever before, but I can’t remember where I found it. Today I was lucky enough to be reminded of it by The Home Ground. The video by Jesse Rosten depicts the beautiful Redwood Forests in Northern California. I must go there one day… have any of you ever been? The narration said […]

Global people’s petition for sharks

Sharks are finally getting the acknowledgement they need. Ever since the Jaws movies, sharks have had it rough (trust me, I know… I’ve watched enough Shark Weeks to know!). One year that my family went to Florida, my dad and one of my brothers got t-shirts with an image of a great white shark and […]

I won’t live without it, I won’t let it go

This morning I got a pretty great surprise: one of my favorite artists Colbie Caillat (she’s my second most played artist on my Last.fm) has come out with a new single and her album will be released soon! The song is called I Do. Colbie Caillat is a singer-songwriter from Malibu, California and found fame […]