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Snowfalls lead to magical forests and beautiful walks

For the last week, I’ve been blessed with a winter wonderland and what seemed like non-stop snow falls for days! Now if you don’t know this already, let me tell you… I looooove snow! It makes me feel like a little kid from the moment I see my first snowflake in the very first snow […]

Why it’s important to protect the Boreal Forest

Today on Care2, I watched this short but very informative video about the Canadian Boreal Forest. I realize that not everyone thinks like me and protecting something because it is part of nature isn’t always descriptive enough. By protecting one place or species, like the Boreal Forest, you are protecting so much more. This video […]

Growing is forever

I’ve watched Growing is Forever before, but I can’t remember where I found it. Today I was lucky enough to be reminded of it by The Home Ground. The video by Jesse Rosten depicts the beautiful Redwood Forests in Northern California. I must go there one day… have any of you ever been? The narration said […]

2011: the year of forests, celebrating forests for people

This video is worth the whole seven and a half minutes. I wish it was an hour long program! I suggest watching it in HD, fullscreen. Most of the information I already knew, but it’s a good reminder and it’s important to stay conscious of what is going on in the world around us. Even […]

People power leads to change

A little while ago, I filled you in about England wanting to sell off their forests as part of a budget-cut. I’ve already got some amazing news for you: they dropped their plans! The efforts of the organization 38 Degrees along with many others showed the government that people were not happy with what they […]