Never forget kindness

I bit off more than I could chew today so the post I planned to share along with this one today will have to wait for another day. It looks like my goal of simplifying and writing one post per day on most days took over this entire week. I need to get that balance from before back and blend it in. I took this photo of these Forget-me-nots (also know as Myosotis) on Easter day. I wanted to feature a quote about forgetting to match the flowers and found this one by Chinese philosopher Confucius. There are many similar quotes, but this one delivers the message in the simplest, straight-forward, and best manner. I remember far too much, especially the bad, so this is something I must work on: forgetting injuries. I love the second part of this quote most. If we remembered each kind moment, person, act, we would be so much more grateful and kind to one another. How are you when it comes to forgetting? I hope that you may have a weekend full of forgetting any and all injuries and remembering all the kindness that is bestowed on you.