Life as a vegan

Yesterday marked two years of my being vegan! I knew it was coming up, but I didn’t realize what day it was until I checked my calendar today. I should have been paying better attention because then maybe I would have celebrated in some way by making a vegan cake or something equally delicious. Instead I went to a food festival and was reminded why I’m vegan in the first place.

Having been a vegetarian for about six years before I became vegan, I’d had quite a lot of “practice” in becoming a vegan, specifically because I knew I’d adopt a vegan diet eventually and already cut down many dairy and egg products (among other non-vegan-friendly ingredients). So when people ask me if it’s hard, I say without a doubt that it’s not. This new environment of mine (university) has brought all kinds of new challenges, but never have I considered going back or that I may be doing something wrong.

I’m vegan because I love animals and don’t want to be the reason for any of their pain. The (health, eco, weight, etc.) benefits that come with being vegan are just an extra bonus. I’d been considering going vegan for a while, but it wasn’t until I read the must-read book Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin that I made the decision then and there to stop eating dairy and eggs for good and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been meaning to write a book review to share with all of you on Skinny Bitch because it really is a fabulous book, but there’s so much to say I don’t know where to start. I figured it was about time I at least tell you about it.

I’ve been vegan for two years and I can honestly say I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. If I ever (very rarely) get sick, it lasts a few hours tops. I lost over 30 pounds and gained a lot of confidence and self-love. I no longer feel guilty about the food I eat. I’ve improved my cooking and baking skills immensely. The list goes on and on.

That’s a summary of my vegan story. Do you have one? I’d love to hear it! A few of you have asked about my veganism before and, if you have any other questions, please write them in the comments below.