A town in Japan is on their way to producing ZERO waste

This is so impressive and inspiring! Kamikatsu, Japan is a small town of 1,700 people and ever since 2003 they’ve been working towards their goal of producing absolutely no waste by 2020. They currently separate all their trash into 34 different categories, composting their food waste. They have to wash everything, which is a hassle, but after a while they say it becomes second nature.

Can you imagine if the whole world followed by example?! Finding out about this town today made me so happy and I hope it’s the way of the future with many other towns and countries to follow in their footsteps and making the process more and more efficient as it gains popularity.

Our planet is not full of magical holes that make our trash disappear and so much of what we throw out stays in landfills for longer than we are alive. It sounds like this could possibly be the much needed and long overdue solution!

What do you think about Kamikatsu’s current recycling system and their almost-zero waste production? Would you participate in this type of recycling if it were available to you? I’m ready to get on board and start sorting now!