Wishing all of you a peaceful winter and a merry Christmas ❤


I’ve been meaning to share this beautiful “Peaceful Winter” Christmas card illustration by Katharina Rot Illustration with all of you for a while now… and what better time than right now? :) Katharina Rot is a vegan illustrator and animal rights activist from Hamburg, Germany. She illustrates images with messages of love and protecting animals. I love that she shares her talent with the world and uses it to spread a kind message to help animals. And it’s also on 100% recycled paper!
All of the illustrations featured here are available on the Katharina Rot Illustration Etsy page. I hope she releases these as a Christmas card in a pack of a few because then I’d definitely buy them for next year!
Aren’t they gorgeous? I love all the detail!

❤ I wish every single one of you a very merry Christmas! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, sharing, commenting… it means so much to me and is a gift in itself. May you all have an amazing next few days full of peace, love, and joy! ❤

(These illustrations have been used with permission from the artist and are all clickable to the Etsy page where you may purchase them. Please do not use without permission from Katharina Rot Illustration. Thank you, Katharina, for letting me share your artwork on Four Leaf Clover!)