Walking in a winter wonderland

Today marks the winter solstice of this year and the official beginning of winter so I thought I’d share some of my snowy photos with you that I’ve taken within the past few weeks.

I’ve been interested in the winter solstice ever since I read Jerry Spinelli’s book Love, Stargirl. Mostly what surprised me is that, in the book, they make such a big deal about the solstice and celebrate it. I can’t recall a time ever in my life that someone has celebrated the winter solstice. In Love, Stargirl, those who came to see the winter solstice were presented with a spectacular view.

All of these photos were taken in and around the town which I currently live in Switzerland.
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After living in Canada through my early childhood, the love of snow has been imprinted in me. There was never a winter without tons of snow. When I lived in the States, I wasn’t always sure I’d get snow and it never did add up to the amounts I had in Canada. So far, Switzerland has not disappointed me. However, I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind even more.

This was probably our snowiest day yet. It snowed all day and night. I’m so glad I went on a walk that day. I ended up taking only this one photo, though. The snow was coming down too hard and I was worried about my camera. In this photo alone, you can see some of the snow that fell on the lens. Most of my walk was spent just taking it all in.

If you have snow where you live, I hope you’re enjoying it! It’s been snowing and raining off and on here and the snow is mostly gone today. My hopes are for a white Christmas.