E-cards are e-co friendly, especially these!

In case you want to make someone feel extra special today and let them know you love them, but are in need of a little last minute joy, what better way than through an e-card? I’m a huge lover of letters/cards in the post, but sometimes you just can’t get to it in time or it doesn’t feel absolutely necessary to send it through the mail. Care2 is a website I mention often and is definitely one of my favorite sites. Their e-cards help the world similarly to the way their click-to-donates help out. Isn’t the card above adorable? It’s from Care2: my go-to site for all the e-cards I send! You can click on the image to send this one or click here to check out their others.

Some other e-cards that do good for the receiver and the world can be found at Free Kibble, the Rainforest site as well as the other causes on the website, and WWF. Even if you’ve already sent something or you’re going to see someone in person, an e-card is an extra bonus. I already got a couple today and I feel so loved!